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Journal title  : Jurnal Informasi dan Teknologi
Initials  : JIDT
Frequency  : 4 issues per year
Prefiks DOI  : 10.60083crossref3 
Online ISSN  : 2714-9730
Editor In Chief  : Prof. Dr. Ir. Dahlan Abdullah, M.Kom, IPU, ASEAN Eng [Scopus_type_logo]


2024, Vol. 6, No. 2

Published: 2024-04-01

Analysis of The Influence of Promotion Through Digital Marketing and Effectiveness of Marketing Communication on Customer Decisions in Hospitality Industry


Abstract view : 297 times | Download: 181 times

Analysis of The Influence of Digital Integrated Employee System on Employee Performance in Banking Industry


Abstract view : 150 times | Download: 58 times

Analysis of The Influence Of Perceive of Benefit, Digital Security, and Perceived Ease of Use on Intention To Purchase Using the Digital Wallet Application


Abstract view : 766 times | Download: 346 times

The Influence of Digital and Technology Equipment in Learning Activities on Students' Written Skills


Abstract view : 230 times | Download: 97 times

The Application of Neural Network Models to Explain the Relationship Between Stock Value, Returns Value, and Information on Prices


Abstract view : 112 times | Download: 70 times

Application of Dynamic Structural Model to Identify Factors That Influence Capital Adjustments in The National Manufacturing Industry


Abstract view : 183 times | Download: 95 times

Analysis of The Influence of Technology, Latest Working Equipment Usage, and Industrial Relations Strategies Towards Business Sustainability


Abstract view : 311 times | Download: 141 times

Analysis of The Influence of Communication and Promotion in Digital Social Media on Citizens' Participation in The Election


Abstract view : 108 times | Download: 48 times

Analysis of The Relationship Between Information System Management, Demand Management, Revenue and Profit Management in Logistics Industries


Abstract view : 144 times | Download: 54 times

Information Technology Governance Using the COBIT 2019 Framework in Manado Post Companies


Abstract view : 135 times | Download: 59 times

Information Technology Governance Using the COBIT 2019 Framework at PT. Bitung Branch Fisheries


Abstract view : 77 times | Download: 51 times

Analysis of The Role of Affective Commitment As an Intervening Variable in The Relationship Between Effective Reward and Organizational Learning in Advertising Industry


Abstract view : 103 times | Download: 26 times

The Role of HR Technology in HR Management Transformation: Improving Organizational Efficiency and Productivity


Abstract view : 174 times | Download: 55 times

The Disabled Community Empowerment Model with Social Entrepreneurship Approach to Tenoon Business


Abstract view : 84 times | Download: 32 times

Managing Human Resource in the Digital Economy: Balancing Challenges and Opportunities


Abstract view : 99 times | Download: 62 times
Abstract view : 69 times | Download: 33 times

Consumer Preferences on Processed Herbs and Spices Products of SMEs in Sukoharjo


Abstract view : 73 times | Download: 36 times

An Agile Development Method of Employee Co-op Shop Web-Based Sales Information System


Abstract view : 91 times | Download: 30 times

Application of Profile Matching in Determining Employee Annual Bonuses


Abstract view : 41 times | Download: 11 times

Digital Transformation in MSMEs: Challenges and Opportunities in Technology Management


Abstract view : 104 times | Download: 39 times

Optimization Of Web Based Academic Information System Design To Increase Efficiency In Junior High Schools


Abstract view : 161 times | Download: 46 times

Prediction Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Levels at Company XXX Using the Classification Method


Abstract view : 157 times | Download: 17 times

This article presents Design and Construction of Drug Sales and Inventory Applications at Sumber Sehat Pharmacy in Torjun District


Abstract view : 31 times | Download: 9 times

Analysis of the Additive Ratio Assessment Method in the Selection of the Best Production Head


Abstract view : 41 times | Download: 11 times

Implementation of Fuzzy AHP in Prioritizing Hotel Selection for Various Activities


Abstract view : 28 times | Download: 9 times

Satisfaction with Digital Financial Services in the Majene District SME Sector


Abstract view : 31 times | Download: 15 times

Financial Literacy Management and Its Influence on Corporate Investment Decision Making in the Era of Digitalization


Abstract view : 49 times | Download: 33 times

Analysis of Cyber Attacks on Network Security


Abstract view : 45 times | Download: 16 times

Web-based Academic Information System at Darun Najah Islamic


Abstract view : 15 times | Download: 3 times

A Performance Comparison of Algorithms On the Indonesian Tweet Comment Labeled with ITE Law


Abstract view : 19 times | Download: 6 times

Comparing the Performance of LoRaWAN and MQTT Protocols for IoT Sensor Networks


Abstract view : 29 times | Download: 15 times

Applying COBIT 2019 to Design a Tailored IT Governance System for PT. Telekomunikasi Seluler Manado Branch


Abstract view : 8 times | Download: 2 times
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