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2024, Vol. 6, No. 1

Published: 2024-01-14

Application of Holt-Winter Exponential Smoothing Method to Design a Drug Inventory Prediction Application in Private Health Units


Abstract view : 274 times | Download: 115 times

Application of The User Centered Design Method To Evaluate The Relationship Between User Experience, User Interface and Customer Satisfaction on Banking Mobile Application


Abstract view : 627 times | Download: 272 times

Application of Heuristic Evaluation Method to Evaluate User Experience and User Interface of Personnel Management Information Systems to Improve Employee Performance


Abstract view : 259 times | Download: 99 times

Analysis Of Perceived Value of Benefit Cash on Delivery Payment Method Customers When Using Digital Wallet Application


Abstract view : 153 times | Download: 58 times

Application of Rapid Application Development Method in Designing Knowledge Management System to Improve Employee Knowledge and Performance at Ministry of Agriculture


Abstract view : 154 times | Download: 67 times

The Influence of Perceived Trust, Information Literacy and Perceived Validity on Netizens' Perception That social media is an Appropriate Instrument for The Information Deployment


Abstract view : 113 times | Download: 47 times

Application of Technology Acceptance Model and Delone and McLean IS Success Model to Measure Information System Design for Academic Activities in Higher Education Institution


Abstract view : 107 times | Download: 54 times

The Measurement Analysis of Online Service Quality Toward State Banking Customers Using Structural Equation Modeling


Abstract view : 291 times | Download: 162 times

Analysis of The Influence of Behavior Intention, Technology Effort Expectancy and Digitalization Performance Expectancy on Behavior To Use of QRIS Users in Small Medium Enterprises Sector


Abstract view : 165 times | Download: 75 times
Abstract view : 48 times | Download: 22 times

Optimasi Sistem Akuntansi Berbasis Web Mengunakan Metode Agile Scrum Studi Kasus PT Segara Catur Perkasa


Abstract view : 109 times | Download: 43 times

Exploring Role of Technology Performance Expectancy, Application Effort Expectancy, Perceived Risk and Perceived Cost On Digital Behavioral Intention of GoFood Users


Abstract view : 377 times | Download: 211 times

The Application of COBIT Framework to Evaluate Information System Governance in National Business Technology Transformation Companies


Abstract view : 46 times | Download: 21 times

Application of Forward Chaining and Rule-Based Reasoning Methods to Design an Expert System for Pregnant Women Disease Diagnosis in a Private Hospital


Abstract view : 98 times | Download: 48 times

Application of Rating Scale Method to Design and Construct an Employee Performance Assessment Application System in National Charity Institutions


Abstract view : 37 times | Download: 13 times

Analysis of The Acceptance Level Of Digital Wallet Users in Digitally Parking Payment Using The Technology Acceptance Model Approach


Abstract view : 80 times | Download: 31 times

Analysis of User Acceptance Towards The Implementation of Information Systems in Financial Institutions Using Technology Readiness and Acceptance Model Approach


Abstract view : 79 times | Download: 23 times

River Hydrology Analysis For Micro Hydro Power Plant


Abstract view : 46 times | Download: 17 times

The Influence of Intention To Use Digital Wallet Applications, E-Service Quality And Trust on Consumer Satisfaction Toward Digital Payment Applications


Abstract view : 129 times | Download: 47 times

Application of The Rapid Application Development Method to Develop a Decision Support System for Employee Performance Assessment in a State-Owned Electricity Company


Abstract view : 55 times | Download: 18 times

Implementation of Rapid Application Development Method for Designing a Decision Support System to Reduce a Congestion Through Reversal Layout Engineering


Abstract view : 57 times | Download: 22 times

Application of Rapid Application Development Method to Design E-Commerce Systems in National Expedition Company to Increase Marketing Effectiveness


Abstract view : 101 times | Download: 24 times

Application of The End User Computing Satisfaction Method to Analyze User Satisfaction Toward the Quality of Mobile Banking Services


Abstract view : 59 times | Download: 14 times

Application of Rapid Application Development Method in Designing a Knowledge Management System to Improve Employee Performance in National Construction Company


Abstract view : 261 times | Download: 87 times

Sistem Informasi Pembayaran Siswa Pada Madrasah Tsanawiyah Swasta di Mojokerto


Abstract view : 21 times | Download: 27 times

Analysis of The Influence of Price, Digital Advertising and E-Service Quality on Digital Repurchase Intention of Online Travel Platform Users


Abstract view : 106 times | Download: 61 times

Application of Naive Bayes Classifier Method to Analyze Social Media User Sentiment Towards the Presidential Election Phase


Abstract view : 52 times | Download: 28 times

Application of the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology Approach to Analyze User Acceptance of Digital Banking Services


Abstract view : 48 times | Download: 23 times

Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Using the End User Computing Satisfaction Approach Toward Users of Digital Post-Payment Application Gopay Later


Abstract view : 49 times | Download: 16 times

Analysis of the Influence of Product Cost and Perceived Advertising Costs Through Digital Devices on Digital Brand Equity of American Fast-Food Products McDonalds


Abstract view : 55 times | Download: 19 times

Analysis of The Influence of Digital Payment Process, Quality of Application, and Online Service on Repurchase Intention of Online Shopping Platform Customers


Abstract view : 47 times | Download: 26 times
Abstract view : 20 times | Download: 9 times

Analysis of The Influence of Technology Perceived Credibility, Application Perceived Usefulness and Attitude Toward Digital Payment on Intention to Use Digital Wallet Shopee Pay


Abstract view : 35 times | Download: 12 times

Application of Simple Additive Weighting Method To Design an Employee Performance Assessment System in a National Logistics Company


Abstract view : 0 times | Download: 0 times

Analysis of The Effectiveness of Integrated Customer Relationship Management Strategy Implementation on Loyalty of National Logistics Company Customers


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